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Advantages and disadvantages of mountain bikes

Mountain bike advantages.
Wide tyres, straight handlebars, front and rear shock absorbers for a comfortable ride, high stiffness for agile travel, cushioned, shock-resistant tyres, strong, sturdy frames with high material stiffness, fatigue-resistant handlebars and a derailleur that can be ridden smoothly even on steep inclines.

Disadvantages of mountain bikes.
Wide tyres, high resistance, relatively slow riding speed; small seat, strength used is in the legs, thighs, calves, double back and arm support, long rides are tiring.

Advantages of a regular bike.
Large seat, more comfortable; more comfortable, less fatigue on long rides.

Disadvantages of a normal bike.
It is difficult to accelerate in a bent-legged position, and most ordinary bicycle parts are made of very common components, making it difficult to reach high speeds. For long distance riding, it depends on where you are riding. If it's just a smooth road, a normal bike is more comfortable; but if it's a bumpy road like a mountain, a mountain bike is more convenient

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