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The history of scooter development

​​​​Early Scooters
Primitive scooters were handmade in industrialized cities at least 100 years ago. A common handmade scooter was a skate wheel mounted under a board with a handle, relying on a tilted body or a crude pivot attached by a second board to steer, made of wood, with 3-4 inch (75-100 mm) wheels and steel ball bearings. Another "advantage" of this structure is that it is very noisy, like a "real" car. Another structure is a metal skate divided into two parts, front and back, connected by a wooden beam.
Aluminum Scooters
In the late 1990s, a sleeker, narrower collapsible scooter was invented by Wim Ou bot er of the Swiss company Micro Original Scooters and kick boards. As scooters became popular in Japan, his invention was copied by JD Bug and many other companies, and from 1999 to 2000, scooters became popular in the U.S., with a variety of colors and styles. Popular brands include Razor and Micro, which are still in production and are popular with children and young people in the seamy market who use scooters for stunts.
"Adult" folding scooters
Foldable scooters designed for adults tend to be more durable, have wider and longer pedals, larger wheels, and brakes for greater convenience and utility., for example, has 11-inch wheels and pedals designed for adults.
Compared to bicycles
Unlike scooters, bicycles have seats and drivetrains, which make them faster, more expensive, heavier, and larger. After use, a folding scooter is easier to fold and put in your home than a folding bike or even a portable bike. Even a non-folding scooter is easier to put in crowded places because it doesn't have protruding parts like pedals. Thus, a bicycle is good for long journeys and open spaces, while a scooter is good for short journeys and crowded spaces. Scooters rarely have luggage racks, so riders usually use backpacks or other bags to carry their cargo. It is difficult to control the bike by pedaling at low speeds, which is why bicyclists have to pedal at high speeds in traffic or other situations where they cannot
This is the reason why cyclists need to pedal the ground when riding in traffic or otherwise unable to ride at high speed. Because they are fairly stable at low speeds, many sidewalks allow scooters to be ridden instead of bicycles.

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