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Tips on how to choose the best e-scooter for your fleet

As the first scooter boom has blown over, we are seeing a change in scooter-sharing. At first, time to market and expansion was the number one goal. Hundreds of millions of VC money flowed into scooter-sharing companies and in exchange, those companies needed to show they can multiply their fleets quarter after quarter. That is no longer the case.

Scooter-sharing is coming out of infancy and reaching maturity as a business model. That means, when growing up, all of a sudden you need to take responsibility. Instead of relying on VC money, operators need to lay a plan for a sustainable and profitable business. 

We believe that choosing the right scooter is the foundation of success for ride-share businesses. There are a number of aspects to take into consideration when choosing which vehicle you’re placing your bets on. We’re happy to share our learnings from the past 7 years in the micromobility sector.

What to consider when choosing a scooter for your business:
1. Geography & weather

If you are based in Europe, source from Europe. During the pandemics, shipping from Asia has become very time-consuming and expensive. If you add import fees on top, then EU-based products are already quite price-comparable. Not to mention it’s a plus to support local production.

What’s the weather like? In this business, talking about the weather isn’t just a chit-chat. You need to make sure your vehicle can withstand both low and high temperatures or humidity. Swappable batteries are an industry standard, but make sure swapping in rain is also acceptable by the manufacturer.

2. Road conditions

Road quality? For even surfaces, full rubber tires can do the trick. But if you have cobblestones or not the smoothest road conditions, go for larger wheel diameter and inflatable tires.  Shock absorbers for scooters are debatable as the total length of the shock is small, it only has an effect when configured for rider weight. But people come in all sizes.

Is the surface flat or hilly? For riding uphill, you need more torque and power. And what goes up, must come down, so make sure you have good brakes. 

3. Riding behavior

Is your scooter fun to ride? It’s important that customers love the ride. Or else, why be in the business, right? 

Is it safe? We cannot stress this enough – strong build, good brakes, and handling are crucial. 

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