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Xiaomi electric scooter fastest speed is how much_Xiaomi electric scooter fastest speed_How fast do

Xiaomi electric scooter fastest speed is how much, this Xiaomi electric scooter looks very small, small partners are very concerned about this electric scooter fastest speed is how much, the following I brought you the latest news, quickly with the small to take a look at it, I hope it can help you.

1、The fastest speed of Xiaomi electric scooter
It has an integrated brushless DC motor with a lifespan of 3000 hours, rated power of 250W and a maximum instantaneous power of 500W, a maximum speed of 25km/h, a range of 30km on a single charge and three adjustable power levels: energy saving, normal and sport.
In terms of portability, the bike weighs only 12.5kg and has a classic folding design that can be easily stored with a single toggle, press and buckle. With its folded size, it is easy to fit in the boot of a car.

3. Practicality
Many of you may think that there are two main parts to an electric car, one being the battery and the other the motor. This was true when electric vehicles first emerged, but as electric vehicle technology continues to develop and user needs continue to improve, so do the configurations of electric vehicles in terms of safety and comfort. The Xiaomi Scooter 1s is made of an aircraft-grade aluminium alloy body, which fully guarantees the strength of the body. The body weight is only 25 kg and the maximum load capacity is up to 200 kg, so the body strength and load capacity fully meet the needs of most ordinary users. Very practical.

Xiaomi electric scooter 1S is equipped with 8.5-inch tyres and wear-resistant anti-skid wheel surface, and adopts double braking design for front and rear wheels. When the throttle is released or the brake handle is pressed, the front wheels achieve energy recovery (which can provide longer range) and motor reverse braking effect, and is supplemented by E-ABS anti-lock system.

Summary: The above is to bring you the fastest speed of Xiaomi electric scooter related answers, interested friends can pay more attention to me, I will be in the follow-up push more information of interest to everyone.

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