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Scooter body frame: 12 months
Battery: 6 months
Parts: We provide long-term parts replacement service( 12 months parts replacement with free)
Even if your product has passed the warranty period, but you need more service, please send an email or contact our customer service online, we will serve you as always.
[email protected]


Refund policy:Order protection within 3 days of delivery
If the product quality differs from what are specified in the online order, you can claim for a refund within 3 days.


Product quality is our biggest concern during transportation. Each products is thoroughly inspected and tested before shipment. Please check the cargo when courier deliver it to your door. If you find that your cargo is defective or damaged at the time of delivery, please refuse to receive the goods and notify us within 24 hours. We will arrange the replacement for you according to the specific situation.

All unreasonable returns are not acceptable. If you have any problems, please contact us for solution. We will check the details and give you a reasonable solution, such as the full / partial refund to you or resend the item. Please make sure you read all details before order.
If item is damaged or defective on arrival, buyer can either requests a refund or replacement, meanwhile, the item must be returned in original Packaging unopened condition. If there is a problem, Please provide clear pictures of package [Box] and shipping label and item for our records.To return your product, Please contact our Customer Service at [email protected] to get the return address

1. Buyers need to clean the electric scooter in advance, especially: the frame, handle, front and rear wheels, rear cover and other positions, please take a clear photo after cleaning (the car is not clean will affect the refund amount), press Packed as received.

2. Please return all accessories and manuals.

3. Please print out the return form and paste it on the outer box (the return form must cover the original delivery express form), and arrange for photos of the six sides of the package to prevent abnormal scanning of the express, resulting in the express being returned midway. cargo side.

4. For returns by self-delivery outlets, the buyer must send the returned item within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the return order and provide the delivery certificate. Our company reserves the right to refuse the buyer's refund if it is returned after the expiration date. Require.

5. Return the parcel by door-to-door pickup. From the date of confirming that it meets the return requirements, the buyer must make an appointment to deliver the parcel to the courier within 7 working days and provide the delivery certificate. Our company has the right to refuse to buy the parcel overdue. Home Refund Request. If the buyer's time does not allow, it is recommended to use the self-delivery outlet to return.

6. After the returned package is handed over to the courier, please keep the delivery certificate signed by the courier (the second page of the return form), and take a photo and send it back (if you encounter the loss of the courier, you need the delivery certificate to claim).

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Worldwide shipping
Worldwide shipping

We have air, express, land freight, sea freight and other shipping method, which can quickly reach every corner of the world

Easy 15 Day Returns
Easy 15 Day Returns

If the product quality differs from what are specified in the online order, you can claim for a return or replacement within 15 days.

Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

If the product quality differs from what are specified in the online order, you can claim for a refund within 15 days.

Easy Online Support
Easy Online Support

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